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4 Acres

Carp to 71lb

Stock: 130

Average Weight: 35lb

Price per Angler: £330

Maximum Angler: 4

To ensure you have a trip to remember, we have warm and friendly staff always on hand to give help and expert advice. It was our intention at Mirror Pool to create the best small water carp fishery in France.

Mirror Pool is four acres in size and is set in a wooded valley, situated in the heart of the beautiful Limousin countryside, thirty minutes north of the Dordogne.

This stunning picturesque lake is similar to that most famous of lakes, Redmire Pool. If its peace and tranquility you are looking for, Mirror Pool won't let you down. You would be forgiven for believing that there wasn't another living soul within miles.

At night you can relax, sit back and marvel at the millions of stars on view or listen out for the sounds of wild boar and deer that roam freely through the woods.

Since being purchased Mirror Pool has been meticulously stocked with a large stock of big carp. There are currently around forty carp over 40lb, eighteen over 50lb, one over 60lb and one at 71lb! 

The remaining stock over 30lb with an average weight in the lake of over 35lb. Mirror Pool must be the premier water for its size in France and probably all of Europe .

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Mirror Pool Lake Map

To maximise your enjoyment, we limit the number of anglers to only four per week.

We provide legal night fishing and no additional permits are required. Each swim has a flat area big enough to take the largest of dome tents.

All snags have been removed from the lake; the lake bed is of hard gravel with silt pockets and there is no weed to worry about.

Additionally, the lake is free of the "poisson chat" (American Catfish), so there is no need to use hard boilies.

For your security, the lake is fenced off and your vehicles are parked on the complex close to your swim. We also have an English bailiff on site, who will happily give you advice on the fishing and the local shopping facilities and numerous sightseeing attractions.

A shower and toilet are situated on the banks of the lake for your comfort and convenience.


  1. Three rod limit. 
  2. Barbless hooks. 
  3. Minimum of 15lb breaking strain line. 
  4. No seeds or nuts allowed except sweetcorn and groundbaits with seeds ground down to a powder. 
  5. Unhooking mats compulsory. 
  6. No boats allowed on any of our fisheries other than bait boats as long as they do not interfere with other anglers. 
  7. No Sacking.
  8. Rods must not be left unattended at any time. 
  9. No children under 13 years old. 
  10. No Leadcore. 
  11. All leaders are banned, anglers must use rig tubing instead. 
  12. Only the Korda goo products are allowable on our fisheries.

Booking Information

The cost per person per week which runs from Saturday 3pm to Saturday 12 noon is £330 and there are a maximum of 4 anglers per week.

Lake Exclusive is £1,320.

Non-fishing guests are £50 each.

Payment by bank transfer.

Deposit of £100 per person or £400 for a lake exclusive is payable at booking and the final balance payable eight weeks prior to your trip. 

Deposits and final payments are non refundable or transferable.

For more information on booking and availability, please contact Rob on 07525 166 697.