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10 Acres

Carp to 67lb

Stock: 190

Average Weight: 33lb

Price per Angler: £330

Maximum Angler: 6

We bought Meadow Lake in 2000 with the aim of making the lake a prolific venue where the angler would experience arm aching action from 20lb plus carp. 

This we have achieved with over 190 big carp stocked, in addition to the existing stock present in the lake over the past twenty years. 

The winter of 2014 saw us add to the stock with a further fifty carp from twenty six pounds to over thirty pounds. 

Meadow Lake has seen a huge growth in its carp, it has over half its fish stock over 40lbs with about fifteen to twenty 50s and the largest carp 67lb. 

When you consider we have individual anglers catching over twenty carp in a week, that is phenomenal fishing.

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We restrict the number of anglers to only six on this beautiful ten acre lake.

This provides enormous scope to move swims or go stalking without feeling hemmed in by other anglers. Meadow Lake nestles in the folds of the surrounding hills providing unbelievable peace and tranquillity only overlooked by a solitary farmhouse.

The stock of carp introduced to the lake come from the same source as those introduced to our other venues. These large framed carp have shown exceptional growth rates and have put on up to 9lb of weight a year.

You can expect a holiday to remember at Meadow Lake with arm aching action in beautiful surroundings with only a small number of like minded anglers fishing the water at the same time as you. 

This, together with the on site shower, toilet and kitchen, provides you with all the facilities you would expect from a first class venue.


  1. Three rod limit. 
  2. Barbless hooks. 
  3. Minimum of 15lb breaking strain line. 
  4. No seeds or nuts allowed except sweetcorn and groundbaits with seeds ground down to a powder. 
  5. Unhooking mats compulsory. 
  6. No boats allowed on any of our fisheries other than bait boats as long as they do not interfere with other anglers. 
  7. Rods must not be left unattended at any time. 
  8. All fish over 45lb must be photographed in the lake. 
  9. No children under 13 years old. 
  10. No Leadcore. 
  11. All leaders are banned, anglers must use rig tubing instead. 
  12. Only the Korda goo products are allowable on our fisheries.

Booking Information

The cost per person per week which runs from Saturday 3pm to Saturday 12 noon is £330 and there are a maximum of 6 anglers per week.

Lake Exclusive is £1,980.

Non-fishing guests are £50 each.

Payment by bank transfer.

Deposit of £100 per person or £500 for a lake exclusive is payable at booking and the final balance payable eight weeks prior to your trip. 

Deposits and final payments are non refundable or transferable.

For more information on booking and availability, please contact Rob on 07525 166 697.

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WEEK COMENCING: 7th October 2023
The lake was booked as an exclusive and was fished by 3 anglers who between them occupied swims: 10, 17/18 and 19.Whilst the weather conditions were...read more


  • 7 x under 20's
  • 4 x 20's
  • 18 x 30's
  • 8 x 40's
  • 3 x 50's
  • 1 x 60's