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7 Acres

Carp to 69lb

Stock: 100

Average Weight: 35lb

Price per Angler: £330

Maximum Angler: 5

This beautiful 300 year old stream fed lake sits peaceful in a valley surrounded by woodland and meadows.

The lake holds a stock of approximately 100 very large carp, with an average weight of 35lb and about 30 carp over 40lb, fifteen 50s - two of which are commons - two 60s.

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Why Choose Millstone Pool?

If you are booking your next fishing holiday look no further than Millstone Pool.

Only a maximum of five anglers per week get the opportunity to fish for these top quality carp to 69lb which reside in this stunning three hundred year old lake.

The shower, toilets and kitchen are conveniently located in the old Milhouse, which sits a few paces from the edge of the dam, where you can sit, relax and enjoy your meals while basking in the beauty of your surroundings.

  1. Three rod limit. 
  2. Barbless hooks. 
  3. Minimum of 15lb breaking strain line. 
  4. No seeds or nuts allowed except sweetcorn and ground baits with seeds ground down to a powder. 
  5. Unhooking mats compulsory. 
  6. No boats allowed on any of our fisheries other than bait boats as long as they do not interfere with other anglers. 
  7. No sacking.
  8. Rods must not be left unattended at any time. 
  9. No children under 13 years old. 
  10. No braid mainline nor uncoated braid hooklinks (stripping the last couple of inches is acceptable).
  11.  All leaders including lead core are banned, anglers must use rig tubing instead.
  12.  All fish over 45lb must be photographed in the lake. Chest waders will be provided if you don't have your own. 
  13. No artificial corn or other artificial baits allowed. 
  14. No shelf-life boilies allowed. 
  15. In the interest of fish care we ask that carp are always lifted from the water by means of a sling. Once the fish have been landed, the hook must be removed while the fish is still in the net, then transfer it straight from the net to a floating weigh sling while still in the water If unable to remove the hook, disconnect the hook link from the main line or cut main line or hooklink (whichever is quickest and causes less distress to the fish).
    With large carp the process of just rolling up the net and taking them from the water can cause damage where undue pressure is put on either fins or internal organs.
    Carp should be handled with care, never laying them on their stomach and returned to the water asap. 
  16. If in doubt about any of the above then best to ask rather than presume! We are here to help you have a successful and enjoyable holiday so will always offer guidance if required.

Booking Information

The cost per person per week which runs from Saturday 3pm to Saturday 12 noon is £330 and there are a maximum of 5 anglers per week.

Lake Exclusive is £1,650.

Non-fishing guests are £50 each.

Payment by bank transfer.

Deposit of £100 per person or £500 for a lake exclusive is payable at booking and the final balance payable eight weeks prior to your trip. 

Deposits and final payments are non refundable or transferable.

For more information on booking and availability, please contact Rob on 07525 166 697. 

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Millstone Pool Bait

We offer the following Union Jack Baits:

  • P1 16mm Milk/birdfood with sweet cajouser and coconut 5 kilo 55 Euros
  • Hard hooker hookbaits 16 mm 8 Euros

All orders for bait must be placed with Symon Osborne a minimum of four weeks prior to trip.

Contact Symon:
Email: symonosborne@hotmail.com
Phone: 0033 6657 89522

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WEEK COMENCING: 1st June 2024
 Last week of May we had Carl and Russ on the lake. Another wet week but the anglers did well with 31 fish between them and 4 lost. 2 fifties,...read more


  • 14 x 30's
  • 11 x 40's
  • 2 x 50's