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Millstone Pool overview

Lake name:
Millstone Pool
Lake size:
7 acres
Largest carp:
Anglers per week:
Price per angler:
Average weight:
Stock of carp:

About Millstone Pool

Millstone Pool is a seven acre lake dating back to pre-Napoleonic times. It is situated fifteen minutes from the city of Limoges and half an hour from the Dordogne. This beautiful 300 year old stream fed lake sits peacefull in a valley surrounded by woodland and meadows.

The lake holds a stock of approximately 100 very large carp, with an average weight of 35lb and at least 30 carp over 40lb, fifteen 50s - two of which are commons - two 60s.

Only five anglers per week, fish of this quality and a stunning three hundred year old lake. If you are booking your next fishing holiday look no further than Millstone Pool.

The shower, toilets and kitchen are conveniently located in the old millhouse, which sits a few paces from the edge of the dam, where you can sit, relax and enjoy your meals while basking in the beauty of your surroundings.

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