Mirror Pool Fisheries


Boilie Orders

Boilie Orders

Mirror Pool and Meadow Lake Bait

Munch Baits

Bio Marine 14mm 5 kilo bag £35

Bio Marine 14 mm pop ups £5.99

Bio Marine 14mm wafters £5.99


Cream seed 14mm 5 kilo bag £35

Cream seed 14mm pop ups £5.99

Cream seed 14mm wafters £5.99

All orders placed with Rob a minimum of four weeks prior to trip  


Millstone Pool Bait

Union Jack Baits

P1 16mm Milk/birdfood with sweet cajouser and coconut 5 kilo 45 Euros

P3 Shellfish 5 kilo 45 Euros

Hard hooker hookbaits 16 mm 8 Euros

All orders for Millstone Pool must be placed with Symon Osborne a minimum of four weeks prior to trip.

Symons contact details





Pellets are available at all four of our fisheries: Mirror Pool,  Millstone Pool and Meadow Lake. The pellets are 11mm carp pellets, the same as we feed the fish all year. 

Orders must be made and paid for prior to your trip. The pellets will be ready for you to collect when you arrive 


Low oil carp pellet 11mm £45 for 20 kilo