Mirror Pool Fisheries

About Mirror Pool Fisheries

Since 1998 we have provided anglers with memorable carp fishing holidays to France, with hundreds of satisfied customers returning year after year.

At a time when it seems another French lake appears in the magazines almost weekly with the promise of massive carp, the anglers that ring us tell stories of overcrowded lakes, a struggle to catch much during their weeks holiday or pulling out double after double - hugely disappointing when told they would only be fishing for 20s or bigger. No wonder anglers come back to us year after year, or return after suffering the disappointment of those other waters.

Unlike these waters which have fishing during the winter months, we rest our waters. We close our lakes at the end of October and don't re-open until April. The carp rest up for five months during which time we feed them heavily with carp pellets - which can be bought directly form us.. This means that when we re-open, the carp are in superb condition, unpressured and packing on the weight. This can be seen by the massive weight gains we have achieved on all of our waters.