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Pellets are available at all four of our fisheries: Mirror Pool, Mayflower Pool, Millstone Pool and Meadow Lake. The pellets are 11mm Coppend carp pellets, the same as we feed the fish all year. Price £18 per 10k

Orders must be made and paid for prior to your trip. The pellets will be ready for you to collect when you arrive at the lake



Having used Baitworks product in our own fishing with great success we are happy to recommend them to our customers.We have no commercial tie in with Baitworks but if you want a boilie that will catch well on our fisheries email or call Mark Bryant and mention Mirror Pool Fisheries.


Website: www.baitworks.co.uk 
Phone: 01285 654845

Our top choice for our fisheries.Tried and trusted. In order to provide a truly premium product, Baitworks only sell direct to customer. Cutting out the middleman allows Baitworks to formulate the best quality baits, with the finest ingredients, at a price that simply wouldn’t have been possible if they had supplied the retail trade. Because of this, Baitworks can operate using higher quality ingredients and stimulants.Simple economics! All three baits have a incredible track record both in the UK and overseas, each providing nutrition and attraction making them an idea choice for anglers who want to have confidence in their baits when they venture to Mirror pool fisheries.

Atlantic Heat
Atlantic Heat Carp Bait
A devastating blend of marine extracts, spices and milk fractions are just some of the ingredients that make up this big-carp catcher. The bait was designed not only to attract carp but also natural aquatic life such as snails, caddis and bloodworm to feed on the bait. Its pedigree is now beyond doubt, and this modern classic has accounted for some of the finest carp around. It's no wonder that so many experienced carp anglers consider 'The Heat' to be the best bait they've ever used.

Monster Red
Monster Red Carp Bait
A blend of Hydrolyzed vegetable proteins that triggers and stimulates both the olfactory and gustatory systems of the cyprinidae (carp) family. We then combined these with a devastating blend of creamy cheese powders, sweet nut meals, dairy product, mixed spices, milk fractions, bird foods to create the all season Monster Red.

These key ingredients, along with others, have seen the Monster Red become Baitworks' top performer in independent tank tests, as well as our own. This creamy/spicy combo has become a firm favorite for a large percentage of customers, particularly those with limited time, because this bait releases its attractors very quickly thanks to its soluble nature.

Royal Marine
Royal Marine Carp Bait
The Royal Marine is based around a blend of enzyme-treated marine proteins, derived from crustaceans and shellfish (smoked) plus mixed crustacean extracts in liquid and powdered form. This gives the bait an exceptional taste profile that stimulates the carp's olfactory and gustatory systems via rich a concentration of freeform, very water-soluble amino acids. Coupled with our low level Scent From Hell flavour profile, you get an all-season, big-fish heavyweight.

Boilies - Denham Baits

Boilies - Denham Baits

We have managed to get a great bait deal together for Mirror Pool customers from Denham Baits.

Website: www.denhambaits.co.uk.co.uk
Phone: 07881 545655 - 01234 888717

Prices and Ordering

Shellfish Enzyme
Shellfish Enzyme is easily our most underrated bait which seems to have a cult following by a select number of talented anglers.

It is a superb brown coloured fishmeal bait that is made from a selected blend of high grade fishmeals, pre-digested fishmeals, birdfoods and milk proteins that makes it highly nutritious and easily digestible. A complete, well balanced food bait with added crunch from the crushed oyster shell.

Incorporated into this bait is a brilliantly effective Shellfish flavour and Liquid Fish Amino combination.

Our Liquid Fish Amino Complex is an enzyme active liquid that once added to the eggs during mixing starts to actively break the finished bait down, making the bait highly attractive as the amino acids are released. Coupled with the solubility of some of the ingredients it provides a potent feeding trigger that carp seem to easily home in on.

Red Enzyme
The Red Enzyme is easily our best selling fishmeal based boilie and has accounted for a silly number of big carp by its regular users.

A very balanced bait that is suitable for all seasons as it is produced using a minimal oil content with highly soluble and digestible fishmeals, that has caught carp in every month of the year from a variety of venues. It is made with a selected blend of marine and freshwater fishmeals and predigested fishmeals, birdfoods and milk proteins. Robin red is also added to give the bait its red colour and helps with the vitamin profile.

The bait is made by using our Liquid Fish Amino Complex which helps break the bait down and thus releases the enzymes that carp home in on when looking for a food source. To this excellent bait we add a blend of subtle crayfish and magnificent Plum flavours. The Plum, in our opinion is one of the very best fruit flavours available on the market.

The Element
Easily our number one selling boilie. This bait has caught literally thousands of carp since it went to market. A firm favourite with a lot of anglers who have had their best ever seasons whilst using it. Quite a number of our customers wouldn't feel confident using anything else and attribute a lot of their success to this bait. Although we would have to say that angling ability surely plays the biggest part!

It is a highly digestible and stimulating nut based bait that is a blend of various human grade nut meals, birdfoods and milks.

To this list of base ingredients we add a special ingredient which we call the Element that through a fermentation breakdown process, converts the non soluble starches to make them highly attractive to fish. By doing this it makes the bait more digestible and beneficial to the carp as well as being extremely enticing. When it goes sticky, as the sugars seep out it's at its absolute best!

Then to this incredible bait we have used a highly successful sweet spice and dairy flavour combination that are both suited to warm and cold water applications. Which is testament to the number of bites the bait does all year round.

The Element-L
The Element-L, destined to be another smash hit. It has already accounted for some spectacular results whilst it has been in circulation with some of our team members over the last year. Equally efficient in cold and warm water conditions, a bait that has done bites from some very difficult venues within hours of its introduction.

Originally the brain child of the very successful big carp angler Gary Archer, who wanted something a little bit different for his chosen big fish venue. Which he then put straight to the test by catching a string of big fish including a December, English fifty pounder! It is essentially the Element with a few subtle differences.

A change of colour to a light, washed out pink with a brilliant classic dairy flavour which is included at low levels to keep in with the deception theme of a bait that has been out in the lake for a while.

If you're after a bait which is a change from the norm then it may well be something you're looking for.

The Kranberry Enzyme
The Kranberry Enzyme is our latest development and to say we are happy with it would be a gross understatement!

Its foremost a krill based fishmeal using the highest level of krill meal that we could comfortably get away with which is very evident in the finished bait as it gives it a deep orangey brown colour, as krill meal is orange in colour. Also made using a blend of other marine fishmeals, pre-digested fishmeals, egg based birdfood, milks and a couple of other bits and bobs to complete the base mix.

Carrying on with the enzyme theme of our other fishmeal boilie range we also use our active Liquid Fish Amino Complex, this is then blended with a mix of cranberry and squid flavours and a spice essential oil which gives the bait not only a distinctive aroma but a brilliant edge, as this particular oil is one of the best attractors I've ever come across.

The finished product is an active, krill based fishmeal boilie that has been out in the field for well over a year with some of our dedicated Team Members and has shown to be a real fish catcher, especially throughout the warmer months. A couple of guys used it all year round and found it to be effective during the colder months too. It was effective on almost every venue it was used on, from busy day tickets to big low stocked gravel pits with carp to over 50lb's.

Pricing and Ordering

Boilie price £6.50 per kilo 14-24 mm in 5 kilo increments.
Pop ups and liquids are £5 per bottle and tub. All pop ups are 15mm.
Hard hookers are £3 per tub and can be 14 or 16mm.

All orders to be placed directly by phone or email to Denham Baits quoting MirrorPool Fisheries or the discount won’t apply.

All orders be placed at least two Fridays before they are due to go. All bait for your trips will be delivered to the customer on a Friday via FedEx and a tracking number will be provided.

Additional post costs are £10 up to 25kg and a further £5 up to 50kg the customer on a Friday via FedEx and a tracking number will be provided.

All payments are via Paypal as I don't do card payments over the phone.

Place order by honing Paul at Denham Baits 07881 545655 or email to order: denhambaits@gmail.com